Friday, 7 December 2012

Oh Look another wedding post! Sorry...

No I'm not sorry. I lied! What a terrible person I am! My wedding dress came this week. Its vintage! The seller described it as ready to wear and with out flaw which of course means it was so dirty it turned the water I washed it in turned grey and it needs a fair amount of of seam repair and neatening. Joy! Well it's been washed. It smells a lot better and isn't nearly as stiff. Look the lining is creamy white! Not yellow! hurrah!

Its been a very weddingy few days, tonight I tackle the invites. Not the filling out but the wording and the look. God help me. I understand why we can't just text every one and say "Oi, cake, some lovely feels and the odd photo opportunity. Be there." but only sort of. Can we have a moment to talk about how expensive stamps are? 60p. 60p for a bloody first class stamp. 50p for a second class stamp. So eh we'll be hand delivering most of them. And yes I am aware that e-invites are all the rage but parents and grand parents across the land are crying out "But i can't put an e-invite on the mantel or in a photo album!" Lets not even get on to the cost of save the dates and thank yous. Urk. Being polite is expensive people!

Tomorrow I will say nothing about the wedding, I promise. If I escape from a sea of "we request the pleasure of your company" that is. 

Minnie xoxo


  1. I've never understood this whole "Save the date" thing. I thought that's what the invitation was for! Nice work on the dress though :)

    1. We're using save the dates because people need A LOT of notice due to the amount of travel involved. This whole havign friends scattered about the globe can have tis draw backs ha ha ha

  2. It's so cool that you're wearing a vintage dress for your wedding! I'm glad all worked out after a washing and some mending.

  3. "Oi, cake, some lovely feels and the odd photo opportunity. Be there."

    I would sprint to that wedding!