Friday, 23 August 2013

Still Packing, Still Moving.

Things we have done:
  • been to ikea and bought the little bits of furniture and rugs we need for the bigger space (twice in two days)
  • taken a few loads of stuff to the new house.
  • gotten the ball rolling on getting the home phone an broadband set up in the new house. (I seriously don't understand why it takes so many phone calls or so many days. Ho hum.)
  • started to get the new living room into some sort of order
Things we still have to do:
  • finish packing an moving
  • clean up Old Flat-surfaces, walls windows and possibly the carpet?
  • Put New House together. No excuses. No living half unpacked for months. 
  • makes plans and budget for how to deal with New garden
If only it were so simple....

I promise all the moving grumbling will be done with soon,

Minnie xoxo

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Moving Amnesia

How do I manage to forget how much I hate moving? Every single time I get stuck with the awful realisation that we own a ridiculous amount of stuff for two people. Like multiple pairs of shoes, tools, books, hobby related stuff and don't even get me started on kitchen stuff. I swear we cull all this every time we move. Ruthlessly going through our possessions until we've got the bare minimum. Alas the bare minimum is still quite a lot, especially now that white goods (fridge and freezer) have been thrown into the mix. I do understand that we don't actually own that much, but two people with hobbies in a tiny flat? Yeah not much fun.

Anyway I always forget how much I hate this process. Or at least the packing side of things.

Still, I'm slowly attacking what feels like taking down mounds of artwork and putting up the fairly horrendous Ikea prints that came with the flat back up.

Thankfully we're moving into a much bigger, brighter space. Hurrah! This flat has been great for a really easy commute to uni but the Landlord has put it up for sale and its a bit dark and dingy in any weather that isn't bright sunshine (which lets be honest is pretty rare in Scotland.) And the new place is on the other end of the scale, a bit of a ways out but big, bright and  airy and with a wood stove hopefully much, much cheaper to heat than out current place with its ancient storage heaters.

Any tips for staying sane during all this packing?

Minnie xoxox

Monday, 12 August 2013

So We Got Married

Fair warning: we're cheapskates. This is not the place to find a grand event. We had a small-ish cozy, diy, churchy wedding. We did the food ourselves, I wore a vintage dress I restored myself, the flower girl's outfit was bought on sale and was *gasp* machine washable. And horror of horrors we didn't employ a professional photographer (Lots of our friends took lots of lovely photos and gave them to us!) And made our own cake. We had so much fun!


We had a rocking time, and Bloke packing my trainers in the van was GENIUS. By about half six my feet were in agony, a change of shoes was heavenly. However getting married on a Saturday means you should really book some form of transport from the reception to wherever you're staying that night well in advance. The taxis hellish by the time we decided it was time to head so we walked through the town centre at half eleven on a Saturday night. Lots of fun but I think most of people thought we were a publicity stunt.

Anyway, I really need to get back to the mountain of packing that has to be done,

Minnie xoxo

Saturday, 10 August 2013

A Quick Update

Got Married, went on holiday, moving house! Will regal you all with tales of our adventures when I've got the time to sit down and type.

Minnie xoxo