Sunday, 28 September 2014

Oh God She's Talking About Christmas Already

Yes I am, I'm sorry. No I'm not. Or maybe I'm not sure. Still the last few days of September is the time to start really thinking about it.

More regular readers will be familiar with my Christmas cake. It's part obsession part tradition and for me it really marks the run to the festive season. I suspect it's the weekly feeding (rum, so much rum) and inevitable naming of at least one of the cakes. I also sort of feel like the making of Christmas cake legitimises the rest of the Christmas prep. Though as I type a few of my friends have already bought all their gifts. I am in awe of them. Seriously way to over achieve folks. I was feeling really smug about last year's tree being in a pot out in the garden looking even greener and lusher than it did last year. Oh well....

So it's time to break out a note book, spread sheet or the back of an envelope and write down what needs to be done, what you want to make, what needs to be bought etc. Then have a cup of tea and a breather. Now cull the list, while mittens for all the children you know is a lovely idea I suspect the reality would be pulling a Yarn Harlot (sorry Steph you are magic but I am not so dedicated) and knitting like a mad bastard on Christmas eve when you could be doing something with everyone you love like going out on a traipse to looks at all the Christmas lights or midnight mass or you know just curling up on the sofa and drinking your body weight in hot chocolate. The whole point of this planning exercise is to minimise last minute madness so you can actually enjoy the holiday rather than implode from stress. There's also a money saving aspect to this which is also rather handy.

So I figure out:
  1. Who I'm knitting/sewing for
  2. Who I'm baking for
  3. Who gets bought gifts (pretty much just the kids on my list)
  4. If Christmas cards are being sent this year (a first class stamp will be 62p by Christmas. Yikes!)
  5. What sort of state are the Christmas decorations in. Does anything need updated, repaired or replaced? Do I want to add anything?
  6. Will we be entertaining? what needs doing there? Recipe testing, spare room in need of a bit of tlc?
And then I cull the excess, prioritize and work my way through my list.

So what does your list look like? Spotted any cute patterns or tutorials you'll be using? What's your favourite Christmas tradition? Yes I tottally am prodding you all for ideas. So please spill!

Minnie xoxo

p.s. Christmas cards- are you doing them?

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Indy Ref Count Down

Well folks tomorrow is the day we all go to the polls. (If you live in Scotland anyway.) What ever the result I think most people will agree it'll change the UK as we know it regardless.

Are you outside of Scotland? What do you think? Do you even know that Scotland is going to the polls? Will you be paying much attention to the count?

SCOTS! Are you staying up to mark the count? Planning to go to any street parties if your preferred result is the one that comes? Or are you one of the few people who is planning on not voting?

I am voting, I am going to a count party tomorrow night and I'm making a selection of themed edible goodies. Including jelly (jello), because really is there a better excuse for layered jelly?

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Progress, Thought and Things.

So my posting has been pretty sparse, 2014 has been a pretty rough year here between one thing and another the blog has had to take a massive step back in my priorities. Rather unfortunate but there you go. Can't be helped.

Anyway I'm now in a place where I can dedicate time and post interesting things. Oh how very exciting. We're zooming right into autumn, hell it's nearly time to start thinking about Christmas cake again. I know right? Feels like this year has zoomed past. The independence referendum is very nearly upon us. I'm voting yes, in case you're wondering, but you know if you are in Scotland and your decision is an informed educated on I'm just glad you are choosing to vote.

Whee! So changes a coming!

Minnie xoxo