Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Move Over Bloke

I have a new love in my life. Her name is the DIY Bride. Other wise known as Mikala Bierma.  This lady is the funniest, I have such a crush on her. I don't think its creepy? Is it creepy. Who knows?! Do we even care?

The videos they kill me dead! Now I am a diy, crafty type but really who wants to put all that effort in to ONE day. Dear prospective wedding guests there will be some lovely life changing moments for the bride and groom and some cake for you. Anything beyond that point is a bonus. SOME SWEETS IN A BAG TO TAKE HOME?! MY GOSH YOU ARE SPOILING US! I'm serious here, the wedding is in July, I have a dress, we have a church there is a reception venue that has a bar. Anything we do on top of this is a bonus. Sorry dudes, we're epic slackers. 

So much hilarity. This will seem totally bizarre to the not crazy not planning a wedding crowd. But not only is there a "ZOMG you have to spend the equivalent of a house deposit on a wedding!" there is an opposite, partially pinterest induced, hipster/diy all the things wedding related pressure. Now I love pinterest as much as the next speccy, sewing machine owning, cake baking, knitter but my word I don't love you all enough to hand fashion individual candies for wedding favours. THERE WILL BE SANDWICHES AND A DJ DEAL WITH IT. And yes that DJ's name might well be "mp3 player hooked up to some amps." Deal with it.

And now to reassure those who will be coming to the wedding. Yes I will feed you. Yes there will be music. But really folks its only one day out of many and lets face it no one wants to hear the wedding has been postponed until they can figure out how to dislodge me from the sofa because I had an unfortunate accident with a hot glue gun and some glitter. 

Yours forever apathetic in planning but very much in love, 
Minnie xoxo


  1. I have never seen these before! HILARIOUS! I laughed until I cried! HAHAHAHA.

  2. whats wrong with that woman's head!! Very funny but totally over top. I'm sure your wedding will be great as long as it what YOU want, sod everyone else!

  3. I like you attitude and approach, its insane to drive yourself (and others I am sure!) crazy with trying to make everything yourself for a wedding, and to HAVE everything for a wedding. people don't remember hand shaped favours, they remember if its freezing cold and you ran out of wine.

    1. Oh gads I can't imagine THE SCANDAL if we ran out of wine or tea, the one thing everyone remembers about one of my cousins' wedding is some one cancelled all the taxis home. WE WERE STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE IN THE DARK WITH NO WELLIES! Poor cousin T and her husband, its was such a lovely day too. Sorry T.