Tuesday, 3 March 2015


So if you ever come across any blogging advice ever it's always along the line of "don't mention a gap in posting!" Well I'm just a crazy rule breaker or something. Anyway I've been sick. So I've stepped away from my half arsed posting while I work on getting better and we're on the home stretch, hurrah!

Gallbladders might be dicks but they can be removed, hurrah for modern medicine and keyhole surgery.

I'm not fixed yet but I will be very soon. So I'm easing back in slowly into all the things I love. Starting with this tentative dull as fuck post. I bet you're excited.

I've mostly been being ill, with a few breaks to catch up on the house work and attempt a paltry amount of knitting. I got gifted a huge stash of what turned out to be some vintage J C Rennie yarn through a friend of a friend of a friend. So I spent a few days tentatively winding washing and dyeing some of it and now I'm knitting la grasse matinĂ©e in a nice shade of navy. If I'm honest the wool is a bit scratchy but i have high hopes that a couple of washes will sort that out, if not that what long sleeve shirts are for right? 

Anyway it's been a while and I've missed you blog, 

Minnie xoxox

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