Wednesday, 23 March 2016

We moved!

New house, new village, new year-ish. Gosh it's been crazy. Getting the internet up and running seems to have taken an age in and of itself. But we got there in then end.

dreamy stock photo of jetty for interest. Also home sick.
Adjusting to a smaller kitchen hasn't been as hard as I'd feared. But I'm doing slightly mad things to make the most of my worktop space. Like switching from tea bags to tea leaves (thus swapping out the large jar on the top for a little tin in the cupboard.) And having a dishwasher? Bliss. Utterly amazing. And I cannot put words to the excitement I feel at having a workable usable garden space again.

So onto things I've been enjoying/falling in love with/aspiring to: 

  • These sandals that are at least 50% embroidered blue bird. Love. I wanted them last year and I'm saving up for them this year. I'm currently sewing a dress they'd be perfect with. 
  • I'm doing the popsugar reading challenge for 2016, but I think any sort of "list it then read it" would work. I'm so bad at just falling back to old favourites and terrible romances. And it's always nice to aspire to something achievable. March is a nice time to have another look at your goals for 2016 too.
  • The pool. It's become my go to reading at the gym. Distracts from the monotony beautifully. Smart, articulate reads on a massive wide range of things. 
  • This No. 7 lip crayon is amazing. It's my go to for work staple (where my standard mac Ruby Woo just wouldn't be appropriate.) I cannot for the life of me remember what colour I have. It doesn't last terribly long but it's comfortable and not drab.
(I was not paid to advertise any of these things I just really like them, and I think you might too?)

Minnie xoxo

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