Saturday, 17 May 2014

Coffee is magical and tea is amazing.

So it's been a while. I got super sick, turns out viral bugs can do a number on you in adulthood just as much as they did when you're four. That wasn't the most enjoyable lesson I've ever learnt. Really grateful to the Scottish NHS for taking such good care of me though, did you know that even prescriptions are free for every one in Scotland? It's fab, especially when you have to go through a bunch of trial and error to find something that works without making you feel worse.

I spent most of my time in bed daydreaming about food and getting angry about stuff on twitter. I think I made a lot of really grumpy noises about people needing some serious perspective. Perpetrators of the hateful nonsense mostly involved UKIP, I don't care about your reasons but you if you want to vote for these racist, homophobic, sexist wankers we can't be pals any more. Oh and Donald Trump, dude Scotland is big on using it's renewable energy resources. If you don't like how windmills look STOP BUYING HOTELS HERE. And stop trying to bluster and bully, that nonsense doesn't fly here. There was much more getting me grumpy, probably best not to dwell least I come across as a proper mental.

Food has been a major excitement, now what I'm all better and can yanno actually face the stuff. I really missed tuna, which is weird because I don't eat the stuff all that often. Turns out a tuna mayo roll and a cup of tea can be the best thing in the world. See also pasta salad, curry, pizza, salad and er everything else. Food is just amazing. So is tea and coffee is frankly a magical wonder substance.

I have grand plans for this weekend, we've finally got some planting done in the garden. It's a little late but eh, no harm in seeing what happens eh? I also have a bunch of sewing to get done. The warm weather has totally crept up on me and I feel like I've got nothing to wear. Who knew that a few weeks in bed could totally screw with your sense of the season? Anyway they fabric stash is getting a raid and some long overdue mending needs to happen too. 

I have been knitting up a storm recently, mostly socks but Bloke's latest request has been a pair of kilt hose. These kilt hose. I'm actually pretty excited by the prospect, but his massive cyclists legs do have me a little concerned when it comes to the yarn yardage and the shaping. Still maths is fun right? Er yeah...

Anyway it's brilliant to be back and well enough to post, I've really missed blogging.  What have you guys been up to? What did I miss?

Minnie xoxo