Monday, 21 February 2011


A pot of tea, freshly dyed hair and the desire to get things done. Yes this is the post dinner energy spike. I like it when this happens, I boost around the house getting things done, so I wake up the next day feeling like accomplished something already.

Loud music is a must, double points if its in Gaelic. Oi Polloi for the win bitches. I'm not gonna lie I can't touch the dishes when I'm feeling like this, but some hoovering (I'm always fucking hoovering) and putting up of artwork/building bloke a makeshift chest of drawers out of banana boxes. I'm all over it like plooks on a teenager.

Anyway I'm slightly hyper and this might as well be fueled into making the house a pleasant place to be. Then the laptop can be put to good use like printing off pretty pictures while I dart from room to room doing not much but feeling ever so proud of my self. Simple pleasures right?

Anyway I do hope your life is a bit cooler than mine,
love, love xoxox

Saturday, 19 February 2011

I have my Sunday off!

And I'm going to do a lot of hoovering. I always seem to be hoovering, bloody house and its bloody dust. Sigh. I have at least managed to acquire a large tin of pink carpet cleaner, blokes pals keep on spilling port on the carpet. To be fair it is an awful carpet. You know that blue one with white flecks that every office and hotel has? 

So tomorrow morning I'm going to re-do my hair and see if I can lift a little more of the ginger out, hoover and do some laundry. Aurally punish the neighbours some with something loud and screamy, the angrier the singer is with his parents the better. They like really crap dance music and their friends rev the engines of their shitty hatchbacks in the drive. Passive aggressive win!

I will make brownies tomorrow and I will be giving some to the other next doors, when the weather was crap the fence nearly killed the van. They came and told me, they showed me, then they moved it. They, thankfully, did not seem fazed by my spotty jammies, slovenly appearance or any other sartorial crime that I happened to be committing at the time.

Then its a pub lunch/coffee type affair to get me out of the house and socialise me before i become Mrs Doyle. I'm already far too attached to my cardigans.

Love, love Minnie xoxo

Sunday, 6 February 2011


I have:
  • Bought a new shiny hula hoop
  • Bought some rhubarb for the awesome aunt to plant
And I'm going to:
  • write up a handy book for my friend Cherry who's little boy is on a dairy free diet for the next few weeks
  • finish my dress, its so close to being finished its silly
  • tackle the underpinnings for said dress
  • service the sewing machine
Not a bad day really, there will be lots of tea.

Take care xoxo

Friday, 4 February 2011

Getting on with life and musings on being a house frau

So dealing with the crazy, which isn't really all that crazy just a common or garden panic disorder which sucks. I'm really sociable but too many people or just a few choice idiots and I'm a wobbly heap in the corner squeaking for tea.  Sigh.

But I've been coming on leaps and bounds! I have a job, and I only come across as slightly mad, I have friends! Also of the good. I'm sorting out uni, life and making grand plans regards to yon crafts. I've even got a hold on the house work which is novel.

We have birds nesting in the chimneys, a cat who guards the washing line and the books are slowly taking over the house.

Anyway I'm off to make another pot of tea (I'm trying to cut down on my ridiculous coffee consumption),

take care, Minnie x x