Tuesday, 28 January 2014

What's currently on my needles: Jumper redemption

For two years I pretty much ignored some of my knitting. Bloke wanted a jumper, I went on to ravelry and pulled up a selection of patterns - he picked one i wasn't wild about and man that grudging not fussed feeling soon grew to out right hate. Still for two years I'd occasionally pull it out, knit a few rows and then promptly banish it again.

Last week I hit my limit, I frogged the whole thing and cast on Fort. I'm in love, its seriously a pattern I'd consider knitting a couple of times if Bloke likes the finished product. I've been keeping track of my progress in my instagram account because I am a massive weirdo like that (see the photos in the left hand bar? That's what I'm talking about.) Still it's flying off the needles.

I've made a few adjustments, I didn't do the tubular cast on (I'm lazy, I opted for an alternating cable cast on if you're interested) and the body is goign to be a little longer to suit Bloke's proportions. He's over 6 foot tall but has wee short man legs and a long back. I can't wait to get this finished.

Anyone have any patterns they can't wait to cast on? I foresee a woolly void in my life when this is finished.

Minnie xoxo

Friday, 10 January 2014

January Problems

12th night has been, the decorations are all packed away, the tree has been re-potted into a bigger container and is out on the patio.

I've always wondered why she's got a star on a string. Is it supposed to be a tail? Or a really fancy tampon?

I'm not a big fan of January. It's a really quite,grey month. The days are getting longer but the weather is still horrendous and February my least favourite month of all looms ahead with promises of gales and endless rain. Blegh. I'm super grateful for the wood stove in this house right now.

How are you all coping with the weathers and the  wake of Yuletide excess?

Minnie xoxo