Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Things I'd Like To Wear This Week

I really love autumn, but with the cold weather drawing in my mind always strays to the shops to see what catches my eye. Answer? A lot. But here are a few of my favourites.  This isn't a sponsored post at all, I'm just sharing my perusing and musings.

This gorgeous spotty trench coat from Boden. This is how you look dashing and elegant on a wet grey autumnal day.

These slippers from Accessorize Hello, you would make my toes ever so cosy. And I'm too behind on my knitting to make anything like you for my self.
This rocking teal animal print dress from George at Asda, psssh don't judge me. Look at that colour! Black tights, some biker boots ant a little coat? Suave, that's what you'd be. And you can pick it up with the weekly shop. (What? That's not lazy it's multi tasking!)

These AMAZING leggings from Topshop. They would make everything far more fab. Doing some yoga? going to the pub quiz? Dazzle every one with your lovely pins.

And given it's October, look a wee ghostie jumper from New Look! Cheap, cheerful and seasonal. What more could you want?

. I can never, ever resist a good flannel check shirt, like this lovely example from A wear. I totally get that from my dad. When I was growing up his wardrobe staples were wrangler jeans and plaid shirts.
Or how about this utterly gorgeous fair isle dress from Love Moschino. Another one of those "would never have the time to knit" category  and it's utterly flawless. And cosy I'm sure.

Wow, I'm really in a blue mood today. Time for another cup of tea and time to tackle all that ironing.

Is there anything you've got your eye on? A lovely autumnal coat you're lusting after or mabey you've found a killer pair of wellies? care to share?

Minnie xoxo


  1. I'm so in this mindset, I just ordered my first Stitch Fix last week and made a board for my stylist, here it is: http://www.pinterest.com/kninchicago/sfs/

    1. Oh wow that's clever! Also i love your style!