Monday, 21 February 2011


A pot of tea, freshly dyed hair and the desire to get things done. Yes this is the post dinner energy spike. I like it when this happens, I boost around the house getting things done, so I wake up the next day feeling like accomplished something already.

Loud music is a must, double points if its in Gaelic. Oi Polloi for the win bitches. I'm not gonna lie I can't touch the dishes when I'm feeling like this, but some hoovering (I'm always fucking hoovering) and putting up of artwork/building bloke a makeshift chest of drawers out of banana boxes. I'm all over it like plooks on a teenager.

Anyway I'm slightly hyper and this might as well be fueled into making the house a pleasant place to be. Then the laptop can be put to good use like printing off pretty pictures while I dart from room to room doing not much but feeling ever so proud of my self. Simple pleasures right?

Anyway I do hope your life is a bit cooler than mine,
love, love xoxox

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