Saturday, 19 February 2011

I have my Sunday off!

And I'm going to do a lot of hoovering. I always seem to be hoovering, bloody house and its bloody dust. Sigh. I have at least managed to acquire a large tin of pink carpet cleaner, blokes pals keep on spilling port on the carpet. To be fair it is an awful carpet. You know that blue one with white flecks that every office and hotel has? 

So tomorrow morning I'm going to re-do my hair and see if I can lift a little more of the ginger out, hoover and do some laundry. Aurally punish the neighbours some with something loud and screamy, the angrier the singer is with his parents the better. They like really crap dance music and their friends rev the engines of their shitty hatchbacks in the drive. Passive aggressive win!

I will make brownies tomorrow and I will be giving some to the other next doors, when the weather was crap the fence nearly killed the van. They came and told me, they showed me, then they moved it. They, thankfully, did not seem fazed by my spotty jammies, slovenly appearance or any other sartorial crime that I happened to be committing at the time.

Then its a pub lunch/coffee type affair to get me out of the house and socialise me before i become Mrs Doyle. I'm already far too attached to my cardigans.

Love, love Minnie xoxo

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