Friday, 4 February 2011

Getting on with life and musings on being a house frau

So dealing with the crazy, which isn't really all that crazy just a common or garden panic disorder which sucks. I'm really sociable but too many people or just a few choice idiots and I'm a wobbly heap in the corner squeaking for tea.  Sigh.

But I've been coming on leaps and bounds! I have a job, and I only come across as slightly mad, I have friends! Also of the good. I'm sorting out uni, life and making grand plans regards to yon crafts. I've even got a hold on the house work which is novel.

We have birds nesting in the chimneys, a cat who guards the washing line and the books are slowly taking over the house.

Anyway I'm off to make another pot of tea (I'm trying to cut down on my ridiculous coffee consumption),

take care, Minnie x x

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