Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Weekend Is Shaping Up

And rather nicely too I might say. I rather foolishly decided to cope with the sheer expense involved with graduation by, uhh, spending more money. Don't judge me it made sense at the time. And my haul is pretty damn modest for all my hand wringing guilt.

Can ginger people wear maroon? I hope so. I'm not often a fan of ladies wear from Primark because I am way way too tall for 90% of what they sell. But this little beauty is nice and long and was only £6. Worth the madness of Primark on a Saturday wouldn't you say?

If all else fails I can do a rocking Ginny Weasley impression. I am a grown up adult lady I swear.

Remember those kilt hose I linked in the last post? My other splurge this weekend was picking up the yarn for them. Twice as much as is recommended because dude has massive cyclist's legs.

It's the regia 6ply sock wool in anthracite marl marked as farbe 00522 on the band. I picked up four of the 150g balls in the hope that gross overestimation will be the safest option. FOUR. That's 1500 meters. One of the balls is in a different dye lot so it's not quite so safe as I'd like but I shouldn't, in theory, need it for the kilt hoes. She says with the false hope of denial seeping away rather quickly through her toes. It'll be fine right? Just nod and smile please. And hold my hand if this ever gets to the holding my knitting while weeping stage? Thank you, you're brillaint.

What else have I been up to? 

More sock knitting. 
It's regia wool I think, it's been knocking about my stash so long it's long lost it's label band. The fancy sheep holding it all safe are from clover. They are the best point protectors ever. I don't think these will be particularly pretty socks but they should be pretty hard wearing which always good.

Tomorrow Bloke is racing, first road trip in the new (to us) car. So today I'm doing a bunch of cooking and baking. Racing is hard work, and so is being the dorky wife armed with a camera. Or maybe I just eat when I'm nervous? Yeah. Still Much food is required. This might as well be an ode to pasta salad. I don't care what anyone says about paleo you'll have to rip the carbs from my cold dead hands.

Other things I've been loving this week are:

Why meal planning isn't just for boring bitches from Mrs thrifty.

These high waisted tall legging from Asos.  Because I have high hopes for leggings I can bend over in without them riding down.

Is moving to the suburbs 'selling out'?  Even at 26 I feel a bit weird considering the notion of 'selling out' but I grew up rural so moving to the wee village we're in wasn't much of a hardship. And our rent money translates to a much bigger space than we could ever afford in the city.

What have you all been up to? What's your favourite road trip food?

Minnie xoxo


  1. Love the colour of those socks. It's fish and chips all the way in this household!

    1. Fish and chips are always best when you're on holiday aren't they? Om nom

  2. I bow down to you on making Kilt Hose! Can't wait to see them!

    1. I'll be totally honest I'm still just staring at the yarn contemplating the magnitude of the task at hand. Soon though, very soon.