Monday, 4 April 2011

I am so sick right now. Ugh.

I'm not good at being sick, Saturday I wasn't feeling too hot but I convinced myself that I was fine. I'd just misread the label on the new fruit loaf I'd bought and it had in fact contained a pint of whole milk, or something. So off to work I went, "I'll be fine" I said and took some paracetamol, "Look I have tea, honestly I'll be okay.". My co-workers gave me that look, and I should have taken heed. I lasted two whole hours, walked the twenty five minutes home and promptly passed out on the bed.

Then ugh, it was horrible, I was so violently ill, I couldn't even keep water down. Its Monday and I'm just up and just wobbling about. I've had a shower, yay! I brushed my teeth, double yay! I can drink tea again, rejoice!

Now to tackle actual real food...

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