Sunday, 13 September 2015

Summer Never Came To Scotland

I think we got maybe ten days of proper sunshine? Which isn't too surprising as we had snow at the end of April. Still I feel like I've wasted the lion's share of my free time. So here's to making plans and doing a full on Pollyanna and just getting on with the business of making the most of it.

This is going to mean some serious embracing of my wellies and keeping on top of my vitamin c intake to stave off the sniffles. I live in a gorgeous part of the world and I really need to make more of an effort to get out and about. And knitting like a demon. I suck at being a selfish knitter, I hardly ever make anything for myself. That's a balance that needs a bit of work. And I've frankly negleted my sewing.

I've also resolved to stop hate reading blogs on the internet. I know a lot of us do it, because let's be honest reading about someone who's life is totally at odds with your own and failing by your measure of achievement/parenting/whatever is an easy way to feel good about yourself but it's not exactly healthy or productive. I'm also cutting out terrible daytime talk shows out of my Mindless TV To Do The Ironing To rotation.

Things that make me happy right now:

  • I'm really utterly and completely over the moon that Jeremy Corbyn has won the Labour leadership race. Socialism needs to be legitimate option for the whole of the UK again. 
  • These boots  (I never said this would be a list that made sense.But they would make my life complete, well my toes would be cosy which is almost as good.) 
  • Habitica would have been great when I lived in flat shares. Life and chores rpg? Yes please. Alas Bloke is not swayed. 
  • Felicity Cloake's perfect pasta puttanesca. Rude name or no, it's the very best dinner in 15 minutes I've come across yet. And it does a descent cold lunch as left overs too (if you microwave fish in the work kitchenette you are a terrible, terrible person and we can no longer be friends.)
 And now I'm off to watch he Hogfather (which also makes me ridiculously happy) and start plotting Christmas (there's an r in the month, I'm not even sorry.)

I've missed you all,
Minnie xoxox

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