Sunday, 27 October 2013

If You Do Anything Today

Read this post laying down the facts of the picture of Gaelic in Scotland today. It's  brilliant.

Scottish Gaelic is my first language, I went through Gaelic medium education and while I'm married to an English man I speak Gaelic at home. My husband's radio station of choice is BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal.

Causeways and odd road signs another aspect of the gaeldom

I find the derision and belittling of the language that seems to common place and acceptable so utterly offensive and pointless. Oh look you are a loud ignorant type, that's unfortunate but I'm sure there are more productive hobbies out there. Because quite frankly I don't care what you think but the problem is people actually believe you. So let's spread the facts yeah? Gaelic is a minority language because it was actively suppressed. I am only 26 and  was in one of the first Gaelic medium classes, there were only an handful of them in the early 90s now the movement is booming. We are reclaiming our own culture, which frankly is blooming awesome.

Can anyone fill me in on what the fear is all about anyway? I have a really hard time what the point in all the anti gael straw man arguments. OH NO THE GAELDOM ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD AND ROLL OUT A WORLD WIDE CULTURE OF RESPECT, EDUCATION AND GOOD MUSIC?! Is there a secret agenda I missed out on? Seems unlikely.

Le gaol 
Minnie xoxo

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