Friday, 23 August 2013

Still Packing, Still Moving.

Things we have done:
  • been to ikea and bought the little bits of furniture and rugs we need for the bigger space (twice in two days)
  • taken a few loads of stuff to the new house.
  • gotten the ball rolling on getting the home phone an broadband set up in the new house. (I seriously don't understand why it takes so many phone calls or so many days. Ho hum.)
  • started to get the new living room into some sort of order
Things we still have to do:
  • finish packing an moving
  • clean up Old Flat-surfaces, walls windows and possibly the carpet?
  • Put New House together. No excuses. No living half unpacked for months. 
  • makes plans and budget for how to deal with New garden
If only it were so simple....

I promise all the moving grumbling will be done with soon,

Minnie xoxo

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