Thursday, 4 October 2012

its October

How is it october? HOW? Where is this year going? Can somebody please slow it down?! Because yes in my head there is a wee man with a speed control, and he needs to pull on that big ol' brake or at least do some fancy magic with the gears because I have so very many things to do. My house is a mess, my uni work is being sadly neglected and i have a cold. But sorry guys tomorrow I am taking my cold for a walk, sniffly snottery me is going to class. Its getting a wee tour of the library tonight though, so it may get all of its infecting done these.

Anyway, its October already and aside from making the blog look all festive (See webs and all that spooky tartan. Er because I'm Scottish and its October?) I've not achieved much these past few days but reading.

Hope you've all had a better week, how are the christmas cakes coming along?

Minnie xoxo

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