Thursday, 6 September 2012

Planning and to do lists

Class sign ups are on Monday. MONDAY. Where has this summer gone? The weather has been horrendous! I feel like I got nothing done. Oh woe is me!

I've spent most of the week unpacking. Dad and A came up on Sunday with our furniture and crockery out of storage because they are just lovely.

Dad discovered Nerf.

They then quite wisely left me to deal with it all.

There really was a lot of stuff.

Actually there was loads of stuff.

I got fancy new wellies.

They are from the kid's department in Next, but the do them up to a ladies size 7! Super comfy and less than 20 quid
. You can't really argue with that.

But all this unpacking is distracting me from the hellish weather and the fact that classes start NEXT WEEK!

I need to start digging out my note books, pens and bento stuff. Bento lunches are brilliant for long days in the library.

Now back to the unpacking!

Take care, Minnie xoxo

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