Monday, 28 May 2012


So like I said the Tall one is moving out, so after a busy if unproductive morning (phone companies I'm looking at you!) We thought sod it, and headed off to Ikea. It was dead. There were less than twenty other customers there. Yeah it was a sunny evening in May, in Scotland. But it felt like we'd crept in after hours, I do recommend trying for a quite day. It was brilliant. I think we were in and out in less than two hours. Madness. Pretty much everything in this flat(and storage) that's new new and not just new to us, is from Ikea. We didn't buy that much, or anything particularly exciting, but I will be doing something fairly cool (and cheap, we like cheap here) with the sofa as a result of today's trip. Exciting! I'm going to start my reading for next semester super early, mostly to take my mind off my exam result. It doesn't matter how well it went on the day, I always feel woefully inadequate in the days afterwards. Here's hoping I've passed. Hope you're all enjoying the sun! Take care, Minnie xoxo

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